Kawika’s strives to keep its clientele highly informed and in tune with the latest industry developments.  We recognize that both our current and prospective customers desire to make educated buying decisions in order to secure the best value for the dollar spent.  With this in mind, here are links to a variety of educational articles, case studies and other informative websites.


  • Get Watertight - Water is the greatest solvent in the world … keep your building dry.  The specific type of water intrusion problems and their waterproofing solutions vary depending on the building’s design and specific type of construction.   read more
  • Window Glazing as a Source of Water Leaks - Window glazing is a frequently overlooked area when it comes to building maintenance, restoration and problem resolution.  Water intrusion and insufficient water drainage can lead to significant issues if not promptly addressed.  read more
  • Lower Your Building Painting & Renovation Cost - When it’s time to paint or renovate your building, everyone is looking for the best solution at the lowest cost. In today’s challenging economy, I’m frequently asked, “How can I lower my project cost?”  read more (pdf)
  • The High Risk & Cost of Deferred Maintenance - In weak economic times, some building owners, AOAO’s and managers are prone to hold off on required re-painting, spall repair, waterproof coating, window sealing, etc. for a year or more due to inadequate funding or to meet more pressing financial issues.  Unfortunately, the longer the deferral, the more likely that costs will be higher due to inflation and the even greater risk that they will be significantly greater due to collateral damage.  read more (pdf)
  • Effectively Selecting a Painting Contractor - Undertaking a painting and building restoration project can be a daunting task.   Choosing the right contractor to professionally complete the project in a timely and cost-effective manner is especially difficult.   To simplify this processthere are several key considerations to keep in mind. read more (pdf)
  • Controlling Budgeting & Change Orders in Commercial Building Renovations - Renovating or refurbishing a commercial property is an excellent way to both protect your valuable investment and ensure its future capital appreciation.   read more (pdf)
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green But It’s Worth It - With the increasing global interest in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability, there is accompanying growth in “green building” construction and renovation. This heightened environmental public awareness and rise in green projects has in turn created a growing demand for eco-friendly, “greener,” safer paints and coatings. read more (pdf) 
  • Repairing Concrete Columns Over an Ancient Tide Pool - Placing concrete columns within a seawater pool may been a great idea years ago when the Keauhou Beach Resort was first built, but it doesn't look so smart when you're trying to do concrete repair nearly 40 years later. Understandably, these circumstances presented the contractors with some serious challenges. read more (pdf)
  • Premature Failure of Concrete Repairs …. Avoiding This Recurring Problem Spall Repair Do’s & Don’ts - All too often, concrete repairs fail quicker than they should.  Have you noticed that the areas you repaired 5 years ago are once again a key problem for your building?   While concrete repair and steel reinforcing construction are still an evolving science, there are some simple steps that you and your contractor can take to minimize this recurring issue. Here are some critical “do’s” and “don’ts” for you to be aware of and keep in mind in your spall repair project planning and implementation. read more


Case Studies

  • Windows Sealants Replacement: Nuuanu Brookside - Scope of Work: Full removal & replacement of existing sealants at windows read more (pdf)
  • Irrigation Tank Repainting: Oahu Country Club - Scope of Work: Media blast, rust removal & exterior repainting of steel water tank  & supply piping read more (pdf)
  • Reroofing, Carpentry Repairs, Exterior Lead Paint Surface Preparation  & Repainting: Hawaii Army National Guard - Scope of Work: Re-roofing, carpentry repairs, exterior lead paint surface preparation & re-painting read more (pdf)
  • Heavy Vehicular Traffic Coating: Island Colony Hotel & Resort Parking Decks - Scope of Work:  Removal & re-coating of entire third floor parking deck and exposed perimeters of the 4th and 5th floors read more (pdf)
  • Heavy Vehicular Traffic Coating: Artesian Plaza: Scope of work:  Removal & re-coating with elastomeric polyurethane heavy vehicular traffic coating read more (pdf)
  • Plaster & Carpentry Repair and Coating: The Stangenwald Building Scope of Work: Plaster and Carpentry repairs, lead paint surface preparation, Waterproofing and painting of walls read more (pdf)

  • Grounds Irrigation Water Storage Tank: Oahu Country Club Scope of Work: Rust removal and exterior repainting of steel water tank and supply piping read more (pdf)

  • Exterior Painting, Window Sealants, Pool Deck Coatings: Hawaiian Monarch Scope of Work: Complete exterior painting, concrete repair, removal and replacement of weather stripping at window perimeters read more (pdf)