Issues Addressed:  

Water continues to damage and destroy more buildings and structures than either natural disasters or war.  Kawika’s has identified two key findings with regard to waterproofing: 

1) 90% of all leaks come from 1% of the building surface. This specific 1% includes the transitions from one system to the next whether it is flashing, window sealants, or pipe penetrations. 

2) 99% of the time water issues are not caused by the material itself.  Instead, it’s usually one or a combination of causal factors e.g., improper application, use of the wrong material, improper maintenance or left in service beyond the useful life.

Services Provided: 

Kawika’s specializes in fluid applied waterproofing systems including:

  • Roof Coatings, both acrylic and silicone
  • Wall Coatings such as elastomerics 
  • Sealers both film-forming and penetrating
  • Door & Window Sealants including perimeter and wet glazing (metal to glass). 
  • Horizontal Deck Coatings & Sealants both pedestrian and vehicular
  • Applications for Below-Grade Structures & Planters including negative (from the inside) and positive (trenching and from the outside). 

Kawika’s also recognizes that fluid applied systems are not always the answer and have experience and knowledge with other solutions such as sheet goods, polyurethane foam & grout, and cementitious-based.

Kawika’s can also help with your leak detection needs and processes.  Our specific services in this regard include providing the following:

  • Leak incident forms properly cataloging and notating the important leak event information
  • Site visits to implement water tests and identify sources of the leak
  • Quote spelling out the recommended solution and its estimated cost. 
  • Immediate remedial fix to stop further water damage 
  • Follow-up report detailing the cause and identifying whether it is a localized issue or one with likely continuing failures elsewhere in your building
  • Additional quote, if applicable, to solve any broader issues identified.  

The Kawika’s Difference:  

Kawika’s has been extensively performing remedial waterproofing services as a C-55 contractor since 1999.  Based on our broad experience addressing a wide variety of water issues, we have accumulated a unique perspective and skill-set when it comes to waterproofing and its related affects.  Kawika’s comprehensively looks at the building envelope as a whole from the roof to the basement concentrating on the transition areas and key factors mentioned above.  

If there are alternative feasible solutions available, Kawika’s will be more than happy to define these options so you can make an informed decision.  In this situation, you will be provided the following information for each alternative: its immediate cost, its expected useful life, and the projected cost over the life of your building. 

Key Customer Benefits:  

Kawika’s prefers Fluid Applied Systems for a few reasons including but not limited to these key benefits:

  • Ability to self flash
  • Localization of damages and leaks 
  • Monolithic resulting in as few transitions as possible
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Compatibility with other systems