Issues Addressed: 

Sealants are not only critical and the most widely used waterproofing material, they are also the most incorrectly used.  Sealants are incorporated into almost every trade and building envelope component. They are often used as the first line of defense against water and air intrusion. 

Since sealants are typically a small portion of the original building cost, they tend to receive little attention or design.  Unfortunately, this inattention can result in sealants causing a disproportionate amount of leaks and damage. This is mainly due to sealants diversity in acceptable substrates and excellent movement capabilities; people tend to think of it as a cure all for flood areas. The other downfall of sealant is that its lifespan is shorter than most of the systems on which it is being used.  Consequently, sealants require regular maintenance and replacement.

Services Provided:

Kawika’s firmly believes a sealant should be professionally installed only after a proper assessment, design and specific choice of product taking into account the substrates, movement, and environment.  The company’s staff adheres to this approach in all of its sealant work.

Kawika’s also frequently performs jobs where sealant removal and replacement are the main focus.  These projects typically include full removal of all perimeter sealants (metal to concrete), mechanical joints (metal to metal), and wet glazing (metal to glass).

Kawika’s professionals are also knowledgeable about the issues specific to functioning (can open) and fixed windows.  Based on our staff’s experience, the most appropriate solution will be identified and implemented.

The Kawika’s Difference: 

Working with a variety of materials and manufactures, Kawika’s can provide you with a 5 yr, 10 yr, or 20 yr warranty depending on the size of the job and the extent of the repairs.

Key Customer Benefits: 

Kawika’s extensive experience with sealants ensures that you will both get the most appropriate solution for your specific situation and that the product is used correctly in all the work we do.