Issues Addressed:  

A roof coating can either provide preventive maintenance protection for a non-leaking roof or be one component of a repair solution for a leaking roof.  Additionally, a roof coating can also be utilized to optimize energy conservation.

As the term Cold Liquid Roofing suggests, waterproofing a roof using this process involves the application of a specialized liquid roof coating.  This process is appropriate for all types of roofs including flat, pitched and domed. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the industry introduced acrylic and acrylic emulsions resulting in improved coating durability and quality.  The first-water based elastomeric roof coatings were introduced in 1975.  Another breakthrough occurred in the late 1980’s with the development of single component, moisture-cured polyurethane coatings.  This particular technology continues as the basis for the majority of today’s cold liquid applied roof coatings. 

Services Provided:  

Kawika’s prefers the cold liquid coating solution described above for roof applications.  Under the process utilized by Kawika’s, a monolithic, fully-bonded, fluid-based coating is applied to a roof.  As it cures, the coating forms a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane.  The advantage of this membrane is that it is able to stretch and return to its original shape without damage. The coating systems used by Kawika’s are usually reinforced with other materials like glass-reinforced plastic for additional tensile strength.  A cold liquid coating can be applied over most traditional roofing materials including asphalt, bitumen, felt and concrete.

The Kawika’s Difference:

Kawika’s has been applying liquid applied waterproofing for over 20 years.  Based on this extensive experience, there are many benefits to selecting our company as your contractor.  One is our versatility.  Kawika’s is highly knowledgeable in both selecting and applying liquid waterproofing systems to a variety of surfaces.  Our areas of expertise include not only roofs but also balconies, walkways and car parks as well.  The materials featured by Kawika’s provide you with the dual benefit of a watertight surface combined with one that is also hard- wearing.   

Key Customer Benefits: 

Liquid coating systems provide one of the most cost effective methods for making a new or existing roof waterproof.  Correctly installed and maintained, such a system provides a long term life often in excess of 25 years.  And in refurbishment situations, liquid systems can provide savings of up to 70% on roof replacement costs.

Product Related Benefits

  • Seamless
  • Cold applied systems 
  • Ease and speed of installation 
  • Compatible with most substrates and easily detailed 
  • Proven and guaranteed performance 
  • Long life 
  • Technologically advanced 
  • Range of specifications to suit all needs 
  • Range of finishes including solar reflective 
  • Availability of elastomeric systems

Contractor-Related Benefits

  • Cost-effective 
  • Fully bonded
  • Minimum disruption 
  • Warranty coverage