image022David Dunham 

As a young man, David Dunham – Founder & President of Kawika’s- thought that “there’s nothing more important than an education.”  But he faced a major obstacle in the pursuit of his dream --- lack of funding!  To overcome this problem, David painted houses while getting his college degree.   Little did he dream 30 years later, he would have his college degree and would be leading a highly successful, locally-owned painting business.

Kawika’s 30-year journey has been a successful one thanks in part to the tremendous support of its loyal employees, customers, suppliers and the local community.  Of course, there have been numerous challenges along the way: increased competition, economic downturns and an acute labor shortage.  Kawika’s has overcome these hurdles by evolving from a simple painting company to a commercial repainting and restoration specialist today.  This transition has helped Kawika’s maintain a steady pace of upward growth while implementing over one hundred projects per year statewide. 


Our Team:



Name:  Steve Peterson, M. ARCH., LEED AP, CDT

Job Title: Estimator-Project Manager

Year Joined Kawika’s: July 2005

Key Credentials (or Areas of Expertise): Steven Michael Peterson graduated from University of Hawaii in 2002 with a Masters in Architecture.  He is LEED AP and a certified Construction Document Technologies.

He has been working on an off with Kawika’s Painting since 1993 and started full time in 2009. In the interim he worked in the Architectural industry for 8 years. Steve has held positions as an estimator, project manager and safety director.  He handles all hazardous material related issues, building permits and all field employee trainings.


image028Name:  Sean Dunham, MCS

Job Title: Estimator

Year Joined Kawika’s: June 2010

Key Credentials (or Areas of Expertise):Sean graduated from University of Denver in 2010 with a degree in accounting and minor in construction management. He has been working full time at Kawika's since graduating doing book keeping, estimating, and project management. He is Certified Master Painters Institute Maintenance Coatings Specialist.


lionel2Name:  Lionel Siangco

Job Title: Estimator-Superintendent

Year Joined Kawika’s: October 1995

Key Credentials (or Areas of Expertise):Lionel graduated from apprentice school and worked at others jobs. Upon joining Kawika's he was a foreman and worked his way up to become Estimator-Superintendent in our Maui office. He has 40 years of experience in the painting industry in all aspects of painting.



Name:  Nick Pavia

Job Title: Controller

Year Joined Kawika’s: March 2001


Name:  Brenda Dunham

Job Title: Contract Administrator / Marketing Director

Year Joined Kawika’s: January 1999